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Terms & Conditions

Payment, Cancellation & Refund



1.1 You agree to pay all fees or charges to your account in accordance with the fees, charges, and billing terms in effect at the time a purchase is made on WellnessLab Service Trading (WST) official website and payable via credit card and/or online transfer and/or E-wallets. You agree to ensure that any information or data you provide to us in connection with your payment details is accurate.

1.2 WST may request for additional information or documentation at any time and for any reason, including confirming your identity, age and/or to confirm your bank details or debit, credit, prepaid facilities. You agree that you will provide such information and/or documentation promptly to WST upon request. If you fail to do so promptly, WST may, without any liability to you, either limit your use of, or suspend your purchased services at WST website.

1.3 You authorize WST to make any enquiries WST consider necessary to validate and verify your identity (whether directly or through third parties) at any time for any reason whatsoever.

1.4 By providing WST with your credit card number and associated payment information, you agree that WST is authorized to immediately invoice your credit card for the purchase made on WST official website hereunder and that no additional notice or consent is required. 

1.5. If your immediate family members have arranged with WST to pay the fee or any portion of the fee, or if the fee is pursuant to purchase the service at the WST website, that fee adjustment will be reflected in the fee that you are ultimately charged. Please check with immediate family members to determine if any fees or charges will be reimbursed.

1.6 If your payments does not include or is not sufficient to satisfy the charges for the Services (additional add on in future) in full, you may be fully or partially responsible for payment upon request herein after.


1.7 For the avoidance of doubt, WST website purchased services and determination of the Fees shall be final, conclusive and binding on you, no refund will be made.


1.8 All Fees shall be paid in advance, are non-refundable save as permitted under applicable refund policies as may be notified to you, and you further agree to bear all taxes and other duties payable (if have) thereon.

1.9 WST may use payment processing agents to process your payment of any Fees. When you provide WST with your credit card details, you authorise WST and/or WST payment processing agents to charge your credit card account for the purchase. If WST cannot charge your card successfully, WST have the right to immediately terminate the transaction and neglect your purchase. 

1.10 In the case of debit or credit cards as funding sources, you agree that WST may issue a reasonable authorization hold, which is not an actual charge against your card, in order to verify your payment method via your card. The hold may appear in your statement as “pending”. The authorization hold is issued as a preventive measure against any unauthorized or fraudulent usage of your card.

1.11 Unless otherwise stated, WST shall not be liable for any fees raised by third parties including card issuers or banks.


1.12 WST shall not liable for any loss to your account if your account details hijacked by third party cookies (by user’s fraudulence), not from WST website, during the transaction due to virus infection from the user before. 

1.13 You shall be responsible to resolve any disputes with your debit or credit card company on your own.

1.14 If you have any promotional codes, you are responsible for keying in the correct promotional code at the time of payment. WST shall not be liable for any failure to key in the promotional code or for you’re keying in of an incorrect promotional code. No refunds or cancellation of the transaction will be entertained in such circumstances.




2.1 Unless as otherwise determined by WST in its sole discretion, no refunds will be given for any purchased services (which are either completed by you and/or your immediate families), and any other orders by your fraudulence and unable to use the purchased services i.e.: missed appointments, expired purchased services (unable to utilised within the limited time frame) once payment has been made by you via WST Website.

2.2 In the event that you unable to utilised the services you purchased within the time frame without any valid reason and reasons recognised by WST, you will be not be entitled to a refund of such fees already paid.

2.3 In the event you are entitled to any refund for any reason in respect of any products or services on the WST Platforms, you agree that WST will issue you with a refund to you in the form of online transfer/e-wallets/cash/cash vouchers. We may require you to provide additional information prior to processing any refund and you agree to cooperate with us.

2.4 For any cancellation of service and refund made, 3.0% of purchase value fees may be applied or a maximum of RM20 will be charged due to return processing fees.

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