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WellnessLab Women’s Day Giveaway

08.03.2021 - 13.03.2021

Hello all my female friends! Here comes your benefit! 🥳

In response to the 38 International Women’s Day, Wellness Lab will give an extra ovarian cancer test. Ovarian cancer is a disease that women can't take lightly or ignore. Don't let this "female killer" affect your health and your family.

A women’s health is her capital 🌹

Giveaway Terms & Conditions

1. Purchase any “Screening Package” will get the Free Test. 2. Free Test - CA125 Ovarian Cancer Marker

3. Available for women only.

4. Get RM50 rebates for those “Screening Package” that contain the said Free Test.

5. Hit button below to check for our screening package catalog.



Wellness Lab为了响应38国际妇女节将会额外赠送卵巢癌检验。卵巢癌是女性们不可轻视的疾病,别让这“女性杀手”影响你的健康。



1. 购买任何 “Screening Package” 全检配套的都将获得免费检测。

2. 免费检测 - CA125 子宫卵巢癌。

3. 只限女性参与。

4. 若你选择的全检配套已包含此免费检测,您将获得额外RM50的回扣。

5. 点击以下的键来查看检测配套。

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