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WellnessLab Father’s Day Offer

18 June 2021 - 23 June 2021

My dear Father. Time rolls on, hair turns white, face wrinkled, and the once strong is now no longer.

As a pillar of the family, father deserves better caring.

Why luxurious gift when accompany and care is the most luxurious.

Give dad a health checkup can never go wrong.


Offer Details

1. Insert code to get RM106 slashes.

2. Applicable only on “GoldenAger” Screening Package”.

3. Not stackable with other offers.

4. See more “Health Screening Package” please refer to this link,


WellnessLab 父亲节优惠

18 June 2021 - 23 June 2021

岁月染白了您的发 时光沧桑了您的脸 忙碌累弯了您的腰 牵挂模糊了您的眼❤️

父亲是孩子们的顶梁柱 必会好好守护。与其送上繁华礼品 倒不如陪伴左右。

现在特殊时期 来个贴心的健康体检 保证父亲们的健康是最适合不过了🥰



1. 输入代码获取RM106的回扣。

2. 只能用于“GoldenAger”乐龄体检配套。

3. 不能与其他优惠重叠。

4. 点击此网址能看更多的 “体检配套”,


Today's Health, Tomorrow's Wealth!

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