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Some trivial knowledge might save your life one day.

  • Condoms are very useful when water is needed to be stored, but no specific containers are around. If you ever need to take water somewhere, use a condom - it could be instrumental in camping. Not to mention, you can also light up a fire with it.

  • If you ever get stabbed, do not pull out the object. Pulling out will increase blood loss possibility, so it’s way safer to keep it in the same place until professionals can take care of it.

  • It is almost mandatory to have the strongest antihistamines with you when traveling to new places. Nearly 24% of people above 40 years old are not aware of all of their allergies, which can easily appear in new places.

  • Aspirin can prevent or delay potentially fatal blood clots. If ever feel symptoms of a heart attack, chew half strength aspirin pill. Studies show that chewing gives an effect 12 minutes sooner than swallowing the whole tablet.

  • Aspirin can prevent cancer too. In 2016, the US Preventative Services Task Force recommended people from 50 to around 60 years old to take low-dose aspirin to prevent bowel cancer and cardiovascular disease. I personally never recommend trying this without a doctor’s consultation, but I heard that works!

  • Over 50% of deaths in a fire are being caused by smoke inhalation. If you ever get in the fire, get as low as possible and try to protect your nose and mouth.

  • According to the World Health Organization, almost 90% of people diagnosed with diabetes have type 2. Type 2 diabetes causes around 1.5 million deaths a year, an almost same number (1.4 million) is being diagnosed in United States every year. Apparently type 2 diabetes became reversible with personalized diets. Over 10,000 people this year have reduced their insulin intakes twice or even reversed diabetes only with meal plans.

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